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TTT-BB 04-04-2008 03:56 AM

If this is normal behaviour - deleting appointments on BB device

We are using BES 4.1 for exchange 2003(sp2) on a different server.

Everything seems to work fine:
Email sync (reconcilation).
Address Book
Calendar (bidirectional)

Just one question if this is normal behaviour (mailbox wins is set i guess):

Creating, altering and deleting appointments on outlook are all synced to BB device.

Creating appointments on BB device are synced to Outlook. Editing this appointment in outlook is synced to BB. But when i add some notes or change
the hour of an appointment on BB device its not synced to outlook.

I've read something about de cdo.dll file version must be the same version as the one on our exchange server. The cdo.dll on our bes is newer than the cdo.dll on exchange.

thx in advance,


mattlane 04-04-2008 04:32 AM

what you have read is correct, the CDO version on your bes must be the same as exchange. I would find out what version is on your BES. I would then go to google. and type in CDO.dll 6.5.7651.61

replacing the numbers with the versiojn that is on your be server.

I would then download the microsoft KB article that has the same dll as blackberry and install this hotfix to exchange.

Until you get the same CDO version you will have odd things happening to calendar appointments.

TTT-BB 04-04-2008 04:44 AM

cdo.dll version 6.5.7974.0 on BES.

cdo.dll version 6.5.7638.2 on exchange 2003 sp2. I can't find an update
for exchange 2003 sp2 with a cdo.dll version the same as BES.

is this an exchange update ? or is it just the mapi update i should install
on exchange 2003 sp2 ?

should i install this ? : Download details: Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1

i tried installing this one, but installer says it can't be installed on this version of exchange. (exchange 2003 sp2).

I guess i need an Update for daylight saving time, but where can i find
the latest version for exchange 2003 sp2. The download (kb 926666) has
a Cdo.dll 6.5.7651.61, still lower than on bes.

please help,

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