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Nkon 04-04-2008 02:31 PM

2 MDS Browser Questions (link & Pop-up)
OK, so I finally got MDS working on my BES and tested on the devices... all is good :)

We have an internal intranet site that my end users can get to from their devices, however once the page loads after entering the username/password, it opens a pop-up window on a computer with their session and the background page tells you to "click here if your page doesn't open" well if you click that, then you got back to enter your username and password (hence a loop). The problem is this: that pop-up page is where they need to get to, but the background page is all we see.

Is there a way to enable pop-ups? Maybe for just that site, or even at all?

Second question is this, my users cannot remember the link to the applications page, is there a way to push this link to the MDS browser (but not as the home page).

Thanks and I love this site.

Nkon 04-04-2008 09:20 PM


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