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ameador1 04-09-2008 04:00 AM

Nothing works!!!
Problem: Cannot get anything to synchronize in either direction

* My customer has been AOL user forever - finally getting him to move from AOL to Exchange/Outlook - if we can get Blackberry to work for e-mail, calendar, tasks, etc...
* Recently setup Blackberry Professional 4.1 for Exchange.
* SBS2003 with all recent SPs and updates
* McAfee Active Virus Defense Suite
* ISA Server 2004 running - opened ports and such for 3101
* Setup the BESAdmin account & assigned to specified groups
* Delegated control for Exchange as described.
* Checked versions of cdo - they are the same

Initially I could not get the Blackberry to activate with the server. Told customer to check with Alltel to verify provisioning. He did. They had to change provisioning. However, I am very UNfamiliar with the whole Blackberry operation from start to finish. The Alltel people provisioned his phone so he could still use his AOL account AND the Blackberry Professional setup on the server. Is this doable without synch problems? I would wonder how the Blackberry would know where to synch stuff - with AOL, or his own server.
Well, anyway, at this point I don't know what to do. I have seen a few posts recommending that the user go into the Calendar...Options...Toggle Wireless Synch off/on, and the same for each item to synch (E-Mail, tasks, etc...) but my customer says he can't find this option. He is using a Blackberry Smartphone 8703 version 410373.
Where should I go from here? I don't know how to diagnose this system - like I said I am very unfamiliar with Blackberry phones and the server software. I am also at a disadvantage as I am not able to get the phone myself to do things with it, I have to have the user to do all the Blackberry stuff himself - we are not in the same state. Which brings up another question, is there a way now that the Blackberry is activated to gain any kind of remote access to the phone so that I can do things like toggling these Wireless Synch Options, or verifying setting on the Blackberry?

Thanks in advance!

ameador1 04-09-2008 04:10 AM

One more thing...
The customer has some web site at Alltel that he goes to the setup e-mail accounts for his Blackberry. He had initially tried seting up his domain e-mail account (his Exchange account) in that site. He was convinced that he had to configure stuff there when we were having activation problems. Could there be something at this site that could be causing or adding to these synch problems? I told him trying to setup the Exchange account at this site would not work as it sounded like it was trying to use MAPI or POP type connections to pull the e-mail from an ISP's e-mail servers, but that his server is not setup that way. Exchange (on his server) is not configured to use the POP connector. As far as I know, none of the settings he tried to setup on this site for the Exchange account where stored as they didn't work, but his AOL account setting are configured there. I figured I'd add this to the list of potential complications just in case it may be a problem.


ameador1 04-09-2008 05:02 AM

And a bit more info...
1 Attachment(s)
The user had Blackberry Desktop software installed on his Desktop from when he had been synching with Outlook prior to the Blackberry Professional Software setup. I was told that could cause synch problems and to remove it, then remove the user from Blackberry Professional and to have it to clear the database whern removing his account. Then, re-setup his account under the Blackberry Professional Software to see if that did any good. Well, nope, it didn't change anything. This was done about 3 weeks ago.

Also, here is some setup info form the Blackberry Manager software:

Software version: Blackberry Professional v4.1.4.3
Blackberry Manager
......Right Click User (Robert)
.........Edit User Properties
............PIM Synch
Wireless Synchronization Enabled: True
Automatic Blackberry Device Management: True
Automatic Wireless Backup Enabled: True

Under these subheadings: Message Filter, Tasks, Message Settings, Memos, and Address Book the following settings are set:
...Synchronization Enabled: True
...Enabled on Device: True
...Synchronization Type: Bidirectional
...Conflict Resolution: Server Wins
The subheading Certificate Summary Data has the same setting as the previous ones, but Synch Type is Device to Server.

The attachment has an image of user summary information fro when I'm in the User tab an click on the user, this is the info in the lower part of the screen. It may be usefull, but the information of most interest to me was that it does show messages being forwarded but also that Wireless Calendar in not enabled. How do we get this enabled?


hdawg 04-09-2008 06:20 AM

... so you still cant get anything to sync and / or reconcile either way? I'm trying to process your stream of consciousness here.

To Enable Wireless Calendar, you might search here or at RIMs KB

ameador1 04-09-2008 02:08 PM

Still nothing...
Nope. Can't synch anything in any direction. I think, from looking at the image I attached to a previous post, that maybe e-mails are being forwarded - it says how many messages have been forwarded, but the other stuff is no-go.

Sorry for the stream of thought - I had been posting on this before, but it seems the site went down and lost my posts and my account, so I had to start over. Plus, I had a week or two that I could not work on this issue. But, now I'm back and figured I'd try to re-state all that had been done, but it just kept comming to me ;)


ameador1 04-10-2008 08:47 AM

The user can send and recieve e-mail, but delete does not work and nothing else syncs.

I have searched for a while to figure out how to enable wireless calendar sync but cannot find a solution. The links about did not give any results. The KB refernced on on how to turn it on ends a a page not found error. Found no other posts on here that says how to do it either, just some non-resolved posts on the same issue.

From some of the reading I did, this may be useful. The user has been using this phone for a while, before setting up the Blackberry Pro software. He was using the Blackberry Desktop software previously. Could there be settings in the Blackberry at this point from the old configuration that is messing with things?


GeoMon 04-10-2008 09:29 AM

I have found that you have to permanently delete the email off of outlook for it to automatically delete from your BB.

ameador1 04-10-2008 02:55 PM

From my understanding of what the user is saying, deletes on either side do not carry to the other.

ameador1 04-11-2008 02:56 PM

Blacbkerry Menu options...
I tried walking the user through the settings on his blackberry to check if Wireless Sync is on for the PIM functions, but he has no option for Wireless Sync in any of the PIM areas. Is this normal? Is IT Policy being set for these items causing them to hide, or is this something to be concerned about?

Also, I still cannot figure out how to get the Wireless Sync for Calendar turned on. Blackberyy manager says it is off, but I don't see where it is off. IT Polocy has Wireless Sync on for everything, and can't verify it on his phone due to the issue above.

gibson_hg 04-11-2008 03:36 PM

Personally I would completely uninstall Desktop Manager and reinstall using either BES or BIS option, not Redirector. That can and probably is the issue. The fact that there is no Wireless Sync option shows that the services book don't have that setting.

I would do this:

1. Reinstall Desktop Manager with the BES or BIS option
2. Remove and readd the user to the BES and reactivate

That will eliminate Desktop Manager and should push calendar/contacts/memopad/tasks to the device. Odds are if you look in the MAGT log you will see a line that says still handled by desktop.

And Geoman....You don't have to permanently delete an item for reconciliation to work. In BES versions less than 4.1, permanent deletes are not even recognized.

For email reconciliation double check that Delete On is set to Mailbox and Handheld on the device under Messages>Options>Email Reconciliation.

Let us know how it goes.

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