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marley1 04-10-2008 12:08 PM

BES + Dynamic IP Setup/Concerns
Hey BES Admins, I am looking for a little advice on this setup.

Currently we have a client on a very out dated server (just a windows xp box with file sharing). This same client is using Intermedia for Hosted Exchange and has 1 Blackberry.

We just purchased her a entry level Dell SBS 2003 Server (Single 2.2ghz, 4GB, Raid1). She is currently not using her Intermedia for email (still checks her AOL accounts), just using the Hosted Exchange so all the secretary in office are adding to a single calendar and contacts.

So her new server will be handling Exchange and BES, but right now she is on Dynamic IP with ports 80 and 25 blocked.

Will this be any problem for BES Express? We only want her Blackberry to get the Contacts and Calendar, and she checks her AOL through just a Personal Email.

Later on down the road she wants to start hosting her own email, but not right now.

Any special setup involved??

ikazi 04-11-2008 02:00 PM

Dynamic IP should not be a problem. Make sure your BES Server has a an outgoing connection on port 3101. You do not need any incoming holes in your firewall for BES to work.


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