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ctwilliams 05-28-2008 08:28 AM

BES for Groupwise SOAP issue

I'm a new user here and couldn't find this problem discussed, but I am hoping someone can help.

I just recently upgraded to BES for GW 4.1.4 from 4.1.3 and wanted to switch from API mode to SOAP mode. I'm running GW 7.02HP on the backend and the BES has the 7.03 client installed. We have 11 post offices running on a cluster and each post office agent has a unique SOAP port.

When I configure the SOAP port on the BES, I used one of the unique port #s that I had assigned to a post office. That post office works just fine and users can receive their messages, etc without any issues. Users who are on one of the other post offices cannot receive their messages, and the logs show the following error:

[14047] (05/28 08:46:34):{0x1388} {1} {username} Login Failed: Err=Login Response status was empty, verify user's POA is running with SOAP enabled, UserName=username
[24021] (05/28 08:46:34):{0x1388} {1} {username} Not Logged in

RIM tech support sent me instructions on how to do the various upgrade steps, and I made sure I followed their directions to a T, but am still having the same issue. It comes down to the post offices not specified in the BES configuration can't communicate with the BES over SOAP. Over API they are fine.

I have confirmed the SOAP port and confirmed that SOAP is enabled properly on all of the other post offices.

Does anyone have any ideas?


kapasaca 05-28-2008 08:42 AM

on the following link there's a tool which collects all information about GW for the BES.
I had a customer with trouble switching from oapi to soap and he found the answer looking through the collected info by this tool.

• View topic - BES for groupwise changing from oapi to soap

hope it'll help you.

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