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Korbyn 08-08-2005 03:49 PM

Handheld Configuration Tool - incorrect reporting
We are trying to push through a password policy but the handheld configuration tool is not reporting correctly if a user has a password or not. I've come across 6 people already who have passwords, and have for quite a while, that the tool is saying they do not. So far it's been 5 7250's and 1 7750.

Not an easy thing to go back and audit, and as much as I would really really really like to force the password policy, I'm not able to for political reasons...

Any ideas on how to force a rescan of active devices which might clear it up?

Running BES 4.0 SP2.

jibi 08-08-2005 05:48 PM

Have you checked in the database to see if it is showing a password being enabled for those incorrect users?

Its in SyncDeviceMgmtSummary and listed as PasswordEnabled.

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