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SRThornton 08-12-2005 10:18 AM

Messages showing as unopened on BB
BES 4, Handheld 4, multiple Exchange servers, only a few people are having the problem (on the same Exchange server) with opening a message in Outlook, but it will not show as opened on the device, even after doing a reconcile now. The messages are still in Outlook Inbox, not moved or deleted. All settings on the handheld are correct (Mailbox & Handheld, Wireless Reconcile is On, Mailbox Wins), I have tried deleting/resending the service books, restarted BB Synch Manager on the BES.

Of the 100 or so people on this particular Exchange server (2000), about 5 people just started seeing this. The rest of the users have either no problem, or they just haven't noticed it yet. Other users on different Exchange servers (but same BES) do not seem to have the same issue.

Anyone experience this?

Thanks in advance!

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