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MisterGriffiths 07-23-2008 07:50 AM

BES 4.1 SP6 - Improve Startup Performance
There is a short note in the SP6 Upgrade notes about improving the startup performance of BES.

I wondered if any of the larger environments had decided to deploy the Reg Keys and if they have, are the users whose devices don't receive the Service Books for a couple hours, still able work as normal?

By normal I mean bi-directional PIM Syncs, ability to browse, etc, etc.

Below is the note from the SP6 Upgrade Doc.

Improve the startup performance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

After an upgrade, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server might send new service books to every BlackBerry device. If it sends all
the new service books at the same time, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server startup time might be affected. You can improve
the startup performance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server by configuring how many service books the BlackBerry Enterprise
Server sends each hour.

1. On the computer that hosts an upgraded BlackBerry Policy Service, open the Registry Editor.
2. In the left pane, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\BlackBerry IT Admin Server.
3. Create the following DWORD values:
• SBThrottlingEnabled: Set to 1.
• SBThrottleLimit: Set, in decimal format, the maximum number of service books that you want the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to send each hour. The default number is .60, which means the BlackBerry Enterprise Server sends 60 new service books each hour.

damadhatter 07-24-2008 12:31 AM


jsimotas 11-01-2008 06:23 AM

Ok, I'm going through the upgrade now and am annoyed by some ambiguity in RIM's guide regarding setting up the service books throttle limit:

- It says "Create the following DWORD values"
- Then it says "SBThrottleLimit: Set, in decimal format, "... " The default number is .60"

Now I know DWORD values and they can't take ".60" but they can take "60". In order to do ".60" it would have to be a string value.

So which is it?

I have 100 users and I'm going to ignore these keys for now. My gut is most people aren't doing this based on nothing in google search on it.


Also these two KBs are mentioned

"Without the proper fixes installed, the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server cannot function."
Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Manager
• 823343
• 894470

Did people go through and install these?

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