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CJLopez 07-31-2008 03:51 PM

Problem Activating MDS runtime
each time I try to activate the MDs on my Blackberry 8700, it won't pass from the 0% and then throw "Activation Failed"

Seeing the log i found this 4 errors

1.- Server unreachable, request to DeviceInitListener failed Failed to transmit, CommunicationService

2.- SHR - Http Error 604

3.- MDS Service Unregistration: Invalid MDS service ID 0, , MDs Runtime Messaging.OutboundProcessor

4.- Secutiry Handshake Failed

For the record, I already got a BES Admin running and this device activated, but I had to reinstall the whole BES from ground because of a problem appeared and I can't reactivate the blackberry.

I can get to the mds services through web browser inside and outside of my office network, also from the blackberry phone browser and from my nokia phone browser.

Any idea on the errors?

Thanks in advance for the help

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