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usedtobeatreo 08-12-2008 09:00 PM

BPS to BES Migration
Hi all,
Couple questions. First, i have BPS and we are looking to migrate/upgrade to BES for a couple reasons, mainly the ability to have more than 30 users. Is this possible? Migrating from BPS to BES that is?

Second, if so what will happen to the users, will it be a brief outage then they'll be back to normal? or will i have to reprovision each user?

Third, will my client access licenses migrate over to BES from BPS?

Fourth is there documentation on upgrading/best practices for this type of migration?

Finally, where is the best place to buy BES? I see you can get it pretty much from any software company, wireless carrier and of course RIM directly, just looking for some options so i can gather pricing / quotes for upper management.


ashworth 08-12-2008 09:04 PM

1. Yes you should be able to go from BPS to BES
2. You will NOT need to reprovision each user if you keep the Database.
3. Yes.
4. Not not I have never looked. I would search RIM's KBs.
5. I get it from BlackBerry

knottyrope 08-13-2008 10:37 AM

I have done this a few months ago, Is fairly painless process.
It upgrades like a service pack and you keep all the cals that were on it.

Cost was like 2800 and you get 5 user cals with it along with 1 free tech support call.

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