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OrthofixSrl 11-26-2008 06:07 AM

Filed message reconciliation problem BES
I have BIG problem with "filed message" reconciliation with my BB users.

They are used to file Inbox message either to Inbox subfolders (within the Exchange mailbox) or to a local PST file.

They are telling me sometime when they move emails from Inbox to a different folder, the moved email still persists on their BB phones even if they force email reconciliation and even if their BB phones have "Hide filed message = YES". The problem is not persistent but it happens only sometime.

I was supposing this problem was fixed by new BES version (4.1 or later) which introduced the concept of "Hard Delete". But even if activate it my users still suffer about this problem.

Any idea?

Here you have my mail configuration details:

- BES version
- Hard Delete is set to "YES"
- Message State Database Size = 1000 (Maximum)
- Exchange 2003 Ent SP2
- On all BB devices I have set "Delete on mailbox and device"
- On all BB devices I have set "Hide filed message = YES"


Jadey 11-26-2008 06:51 AM

Moved to BES Admin Corner...

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