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amukhey 01-26-2009 12:15 PM

BES/ Domino Fake Attachment Issue

Has anyone had an issue with the following:

BES: 4.1.6 MR3
Windows 2003
Domino 7.0X

lackBerry 8320 (T-Mobile) 4.5+ OS devices and 4.1.6 BES with the HTML processing enabled.

Lotus Domino: 7.02

BES: 4.1.6 MR3

The scenario we've hit is that the BlackBerry shows the paper clip icon for any message we receive that is part of a thread (forwardes, replies etc.). It seems that BES is picking up the twistie icons and other graphics in the history of the message as an attachment. This is obviously confusing for users as there is no attachment in most of these messages.

MR3 for BES 4.1.6 has been recently applied in a test environment and also a production server of 30-50 users and the issue is still apparent.\

Has any Domino Users Experienced this?

Rim mentioned they have not heard about this issue.

Perhaps anyone can shed some light on it?

hzgjlv 01-27-2009 09:30 AM

I have the same issue. The attachments are actually gif files created from the signatures we use.

I have told users if they want HTML mail they have to live with it. If they are happy to turn off html mail they can do so by going to message options\email settings\enable html mail = no
an alternative to turn off html for all users is to disable rich content email in the email messaging policy group.

amukhey 01-27-2009 01:32 PM

This is what RIM had said...This is a know issue, SDR 211092. Unfortunately the fix is only possible in device software and currently it is planned for the future version.

We are currently using T-Mobile 8320 4.5 OS the latest one released.

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