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mgerst 10-26-2005 05:47 PM

Moving user between GroupWise Post Offices

I'm new to the BES. We have a GW 7.0 and 6.5.4 system and BES 4.0 SP1. We recently consolidated users from one PO to another and one of the accounts was a BB user. The BB is no longer syncing with GW email. Our technical support contract with RIM ended 10/18 and I'm working to get another setup but in the meantime, is there a recommended method to sync the BB with the moved user without deleting the BES account and starting over?


bfrye 10-27-2005 11:35 AM

I don't know. We've never tried moving users from post office. Any chance you could move the user back just to see if that fixes it?

BBQueen 11-01-2005 12:49 PM

You may already have gotten an answer to this, but in the event you have not ...
The solution is to delete the user in the Blackberry Manager, then recreate him/her. The newly created account have the correct post office information for the user.

I ran into this, hoping that the BES would be "smart enough" to detect the change, but it is not. I suppose it cannot read the wphost or wpdomain .db files?

Legros 11-01-2005 01:49 PM


We did make a lot move lately we run with GW6.5. We didnt have to delete any user on the BES. Prior to the move we disable the account of the user an then transfer. When everything is done reenable the account. Generally it was ok, but on some account we did have to restart the BES service so the new account get the connection.

mgerst 11-01-2005 02:55 PM


It appears that rebooting the BES is the thing to do. We will test further but we have moved two users and after each move, then we rebooted the BES and it picked up the correct user. We DO HAVE unique userids in our GW system so that may be necessary as well as the reboot.

idontknow 11-03-2005 12:22 AM

Rebooting isn't required, just a big task to correct a little issue.

Go to processes on the task manager and end the GWConnector process. This is required after you move a user to a different POA because the current GWConnector process is logged into the original PO for that user, and will not be aware of the change until it restarts.

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