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Colin Barker 03-16-2009 12:24 PM

Multiple Sametime servers on a single BES
I am sure this has probably been answered somewhere, and that I am not looking well enough, or it is simply something that isn't out there because it is common knowledge.. however I will try my luck.

Is it possible to connect a single BES server (Domino) up to multiple Sametime servers? -- The idea is that we have a single BES server with customers that use two different Domino servers, in different domains, and both would like to be able to use Sametime on their BB's, and both customers have fully working and in use Sametime Servers.

To give people a little insite, we are using BES v4.1.6.14, Sametime for BB v2.1.15c, and Domino version 7.0.3.


Colin Barker

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