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RiderEd 05-21-2009 03:38 PM

BES Activation problems
I'm hoping someone out there can help. I have 2 BES servers, one a 4.6 and the other a 5.0.0. I would like to put everyone on the version 5 server, but am running into an activation problem. Both servers are using the same exchange server, not the same user ID. I have set the permissions for both bes users the same. When I do a wireless activation on the 4.6 server, it goes smoothly. If I try with the 5.0.0 server, I get the edp.dat e-mail, the the activation just hangs. I have the activat displayed on the phione, and nothing happens. I can manually access the mailboxes with the user that the bes 5 is using, as well as send as the user I want to put on the bes. I have run through the activation problems checklist with no success. Does anyone have any ides? Thanks for your help.

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