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DCMcMullen 10-01-2009 11:39 AM

Reconcile Problem with Calendar and Contacts
Been having intermittent issues between our BES server and user devices.
Our BES is on
Server OS is 2003 Server w/sp2
Our email system is GroupWise 7.03 hp1 (on Netware 6.5 sp7)
User devices are on 3 different carriers.
AT&T - 9000’s (Bold),
Verizon - 9530 (Storm) and 8330 (Curve)
Sprint - 8350i (Curve w/ptt).
When I receive an the following messages from the BES server at night I have at least 1 user, sometimes more, that has either Calendar items missing or Contacts missing. These problems are with phones on the AT&T and Verizon networks (our users on the Sprint network don’t sync their calendar or contacts and never complain).

<N/A> | BlackBerry Dispatcher GWBES (Application Event Log on GWBES) | 10/01/2009 02:44:40 (6FFFC3B1) -> [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection dropped, Error=0

<N/A> | BlackBerry Dispatcher GWBES (Application Event Log on GWBES) | 10/01/2009 02:44:46 (6FFFC3B0) -> [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection established

We have tried deleting the calendar or contacts:? service book on the device, re-sending the service books from BES, stopping / restarting the sync on the device and doing a “RSET” on the affected item on the device. Sometimes the calendar will be corrected but contacts never have been resolved this way. I have only found 2 ways to resolve this issue:

1> Wait over night and the problem clears itself when the server does a reconciliation (users hate this suggestion when missing contacts).
2> Wipe the phone, delete the account on the BES, re-create the BES account and do Enterprise Activation on the device.

Is there some way to manually issue the reconcile command to the server to perform the same reconcile it performs sometime during night?

jsconyers 10-01-2009 11:42 AM

When I had users experiencing similar issues, I had them turn off wireless reconcile for Contact/Calendar (depending on what the issue was), then do the RSET to clear the device database. Then enable wireless reconcile again. This will force the device to reconcile the calendar/contacts.

DCMcMullen 10-01-2009 02:26 PM

Next time I get a callon this I will try turning off sync for the problem whether it is the contacts or calendar and then do a RSET before turning sync back on. Thanks for the suggestion.

Which server does a device pull it's data from, the BES or Groupwise. Since it appears to be the same data I have to believe that the BES server is caching it and re-sending the bad data until the BES does it's nightly reconcile which appears to correct the data and everything is fine the next day.

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