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BainMarc 10-26-2009 08:14 AM

BES 5.0 upgrade
I successfully upgraded my BES to ver 5.0.0 MR3 this weekend and seem to went well, however I can not log into the webconsole with any AD account, only with on some account I created during the upgrade admin/xxxxx. and choose Blackberry Administration Service. When I try to login to the webconsole with my main BESADMIN UN and PWD with Domain I get: The username, password, or domain is not correct. Please correct the entry. I have added the domain BESADMIN under "Administrator User" then logged out and logged in with BESADMIN, but still receive the sam message. The Administrator Service Account is running. The issue is I can not activate my BB Storm. It just sits at "Waiting for Services" then Retrying.... Is there something I'm missing?

BainMarc 10-26-2009 09:11 AM

A quick call to support fixed the issue. I guess BES 5.0 does not like pointing to itself as a DC. Changed it to a different DC and reconfirmed BesAdmin account in LDAP settings and works like a charm.

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