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roveer 12-15-2009 10:07 PM

Added BIS account to BB and have a BES question
I'm a BES user and have had rock solid performance on our simple BES setup. Works like a champ. Only thing I've been missing is the ability to see my hotmail account on my BB. Installed the hotmail connector on my outlook account hoping it would pull in my hotmail and then let BES send it to my BB. Turns out the connector adds a seperate account to outlook that gives me a view into my hotmail account. OK, so still no hotmail on my BB.

Went reading about how to put hotmail on my BB and many posts say it couldn't be done unless I had a paid hotmail account. Some posts said, just add it as a BIS account.

After fudging around and finally calling sprint to get my BIS credentials (they have so many seperate logins to so many seperate areas I had forgotten what ID/PW I used for BIS so they got it straightened out)

Added hotmail to my BIS and it started working. The process added an icon to my BB for BIS.

Here's my rub... Incoming hotmail shows up in my BIS icon AND my BES icon. Would prefer not to see it in my BES icon.

Have read that this is pretty much how it works as BES uses the "messaging" icon which shows all incoming messges.

Is this true? No way to keep these accounts seperate? If so I'll have to decide if I can live with this functionality. Would prefer not to see BIS in my BES icon. Any ideas?



x14 12-15-2009 10:28 PM

Get Empower Work Folder for Blackberry BES

JamesUK 12-16-2009 04:51 AM

As far as I know, you can have a seperate icon for your e-mail accounts (I have 4 setup on my 8900 - Gmail, TalkTalk etc) but they ALL appear in my BES folder.

Maybe the app from x14 will help you out.


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