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Exclamation Complete list of BES 4.0.3 IT Policy Options...

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I went looking for a list of options available to apply from the BES server to show to management and to the support administrators in my department for review and couldn't find one... so here is the complete list of IT Policy options which can be applied to handhelds:

IT Policy Name
Allow Phone
Allow Browser
Password Required
Allow Peer-to-Peer Messages
Minimum Password Length
User Can Disable Password
Maximum Security Timeout
Maximum Password Age
User Can Change Timeout
Password Pattern Checks
Enable Long-Term Timeout
Allow SMS
Allow BCC Recipients
Home Page Address
Home Page Address is Read-Only
Enable WAP Config
Default Browser Config UID

Common Policy Group:
Disable MMS
Set Owner Name
Set Owner Info
Confirm On Send
IT Policy Notification
Lock Owner Info

Password Policy Group:
Forbidden Passwords
Periodic Challenge Time
Duress Notification Address
Maximum Password History
Suppress Password Echo
Set Maximum Password Attempts
Set Password Timeout

CMIME Application Policy Group:
Attachment Viewing
Enable Wireless Message Reconciliation

Security Policy Group:
Force LED Blinking When Microphone Is On
Force Content Protection of Master Keys
Allow Smart Card Password Caching
Disable IP Modem
Disable Unverified Certificate Use
Desktop Backup
Minimal Encryption Key Store Security Level
Minimal Signing Key Store Security Level
Disable Persisted Plaintext
Disable DES Transport Crypto
Security Service Colors
Disable Unverified CRLS
Allow Outgoing Call When Locked
FIPS Level
Disable Forwarding Between Services
Disable Radio When Cradled
Disable Cut/Copy/Paste
Disable Stale Status Use
Certificate Status Maximum Expiry Time
Disable Key Store Backup
Trusted Certificate Thumbprints
Disable Weak Certificate Use
Disable Invalid Certificate Use
Allow Split-Pipe Connections
Allow External Connections
Allow Internal Connections
Content Protection Strength
Allow Third Party Apps to Use Persistent Store
Allow Third Party Apps to Use Serial Port
Force Lock When Holstered
Disallow Third Party Application Downloads
Certificate Status Cache Timeout
Key Store Password Maximum Timeout
Disable Key Store Low Security
Disable Peer-to-Peer Normal Send
Disable Message Normal Send
Disable Revoked Certificate Use
Disable Untrusted Certificate Use
Force Smart Card Two Factor Authentication
Lock on Smart Card Removal

SMIME Application Policy Group:
Entrust Messaging Server (EMS) Email Address
SMIME Minimum Strong DSA Key Length
SMIME Allowed Content Ciphers
SMIME Blind Copy Address
SMIME Force Smartcard Use
SMIME Force Encrypted Messages
SMIME Force Digital Signature
SMIME Minimum Strong ECC Key Length
SMIME Minimum Strong DH Key Length
SMIME Minimum Strong RSA Key Length

PGP Application Policy Group:
PGP Universal Policy Cache Timeout
PGP Universal Enrollment Method
PGP Universal Server Address
PGP Minimum Strong DSA Key Length
PGP Minimum Strong RSA Key Length
PGP Allowed Content Ciphers
PGP Blind Copy Address
PGP Force Encrypted Messages
PGP Force Digital Signature
PGP Minimum Strong DH Key Length

Memory Cleaner Policy Group:
Force Memory Clean When Holstered
Force Memory Clean When Idle
Memory Cleaner Maximum Idle Time

TLS Application Policy Group:
TLS Device Side Only
TLS Minimum Strong DSA Key Length
TLS Restrict FIPS Ciphers
TLS Disable Invalid Connection
TLS Minimum Strong ECC Key Length
TLS Minimum Strong DH Key Length
TLS Minimum Strong RSA Key Length
TLS Disable Untrusted Connection
TLS Disable Weak Ciphers

WTLS Application Policy Group:
WTLS Restrict FIPS Ciphers
WTLS Disable Invalid Connection
WTLS Minimum Strong ECC Key Length
WTLS Minimum Strong DH Key Length
WTLS Minimum Strong RSA Key Length
WTLS Disable Untrusted Connection
WTLS Disable Weak Ciphers

Browser Policy Group:
Download Tunes URL
Download Themes URL
Download Images URL
MDS Browser BSM Enabled
MDS Browser HTML Tables Enabled
MDS Browser Style Sheets Enabled
MDS Browser JavaScript Enabled
Allow IBS Browser
Disable Java Script in Browser
MDS Browser Title

SIM Application Toolkit:
Disable SIM Originated Calls
Disable Network Location Query
Disable SIM Call Control

TCP Policy Group:
TCP Password
TCP Username

PIM Sync Policy Group:
Disable Wireless Bulk Loads
Disable Task Wireless Sync
Disable Memopad Wireless Sync
Disable Calendar Wireless Sync
Disable Address Wireless Sync
Disable All Wireless Sync

Bluetooth Policy Group:
Require Password for Discoverable Mode
Require Password for enabling Bluetooth Support
Disable Wireless Bypass
Disable Desktop Connectivity
Disable Address Book Transfer
Allow Outgoing Calls
Disable Discoverable Mode
Disable Serial Port Profile
Disable Handsfree Profile
Disable Headset Profile
Disable Pairing
Disable Bluetooth

VoIP Policy Group:
VoIP Emergency Number
SIP Server Port
SIP Server Name
SIP Server Type
SIP User Password
SIP Realm
VoIP Allow Handheld Changes
Allow VoIP

VPN Policy Group:
VPN NAT Keep Alive
VPN Allow Password Save
VPN IPSEC Cipher and Hash
VPN IKE Cipher
VPN Xauth Type
Use VPN Xauth Certificates
VPN Domain Name
VPN Secondary DNS
VPN Primary DNS
VPN DNS Configuration
VPN User Passsword
VPN User Name
VPN Group Password
VPN Group Name
VPN Gateway Address
VPN Vendor Type
VPN Allow Handheld Changes
Enable VPN

WLAN Policy Group:
WLAN Default Gateway
WLAN Secondary DNS
WLAN Primary DNS
WLAN Subnet Mask
WLAN IP Address
WLAN DHCP Configuration
WLAN User Password
WLAN User Name
WLAN Preshared Key
WLAN Default Key ID
WLAN Link Security
WLAN Allow Handheld Changes

AMS Policy Group:
AMS AG Messaging URL
AMS AG Registration URL

On-Handheld Help Policy Group:
On-Handheld Help Group Label
On-Handheld Help Links

Bluetooth Smart Card Reader Policy Group:
Maximum Bluetooth Range
Maximum Number of BlackBerry Transactions
Maximum Smart Card Not Present Timeout
Maximum BlackBerry Inactivity Timeout
Maximum Long Term Timeout
Maximum BlackBerry Disconnected Timeout
Maximum Connection Heart Beat Period
Auto Signature

BlackBerry Messenger Policy Group:
Messenger Audit Max Report Interval
Messenger Audit Report Interval
Messenger Audit UID
Messenger Audit Email Address
Disable BlackBerry Messenger

Allow Phone
Allow Browser
Message Prompt
Show Application Loader
Force Load Count
Sync Messages Instead Of Import
Message Conflict Mailbox Wins
Disable Wireless Calendar
Auto Backup Enabled
Auto Backup Frequency
Auto Backup Include All
Auto Backup Exclude Messages
Auto Backup Exclude Sync
Show Web Link
Web Link URL
Web Link Label
Auto Signature
Forward Messages In Cradle
Do Not Save Sent Messages
Force Load Message

Desktop Policy Group:
Desktop Allow Device Switch
Desktop Allow Desktop Add-ins
Desktop Password Cache Timeout

Service Exclusivity Policy Group:
Allow Public ICQ Services
Allow Public AIM Services
Allow Public Yahoo! Messenger Services
Allow Other Browser Services
Allow Other Message Services

Certificate Sync Policy Group:
Random Source URL
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Is the BES IT Policy Reference Guide not what you were looking for?

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That's exactly what I was looking for, however I looked here before going to BB support, as I don't always find waht I need there. Thanks for the link.

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During discussions of the wisdom of applying password requirements to BBs, the owner at my BES client became aware of IT Policies. He decided he wanted to review all the available IT policies before I deployed BES. I printed the IT Policy PDF for him to read.

It looked too much like work, so he left it to my discretion!

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