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x678001 01-25-2010 02:29 AM

BES 5 & Domino 8.5 - problems with bold 9700 or with BES?

I installed BES 5 with Domino 8.5 (I'm new in using BES), everything works ok but can not activate and synchronize 9700 with a bold BIS and BES services enabled by the operator. Port 3101 is ok to try to activate the firewall and wireless.
In trying to activate this bold 9700 and the DM on port 4101, but with the same result.
Strange is that if you use a simulator on port 4101 go and manage to get / send e-mail and all it works.
So the issues are:
- That would cause fail to activate and synchronize bold 9700 on wireless (I created the account and password to activate BES)?
- For wireless activation must say the activation server?
- Fail the simulator to send mail outside the organization but only to those who have accounts on Domino, which would be the problem?
- How to access the "inbox" where the emails come from the device and not sent on from BES to the Domino?

Thanks for your help!

x678001 01-26-2010 08:47 AM

No answer?
Please help.


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