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bcsnick 01-25-2010 02:41 PM

BES Express, some users not syncing properly
Hi, we have Exchange 2003 SP2 and have installed the Bes Express on the same server that is running Exchange 2003. We have now 6 users on the Bes with different blackberries, mostly on Verizon Wireless, one user is on Nextel.
2 of the Blackberries work just fine, however, the other 4 blackberries are having issues. The issues I am seeing are people will read/delete emails on their PC (not emptying recycle bin) and the changes are not shown on the device. If they read/delete on the handheld the change does show on their Outlook though. One user had their blackberry swapped out through Verizon's warranty exchange program and while I was getting it switched on the Bes he noted to me the read/delete problem and when checking with other users 3 other people noted the same problem when reading/deleting emails in Outlook and not having the changes sync with the device unless they do manual reconcile now.

The two working blackberries are the following models:
8130 Blackberry V:, Platform: (VerizonWireless)
9550 Blackberry V:, Platform: (VerizonWireless)

The non working devices are:
8350i Blackberry V:, Platform: (Nextel)
8330 Blackberry V:, Platform: (VerizonWireless)
8330 Blackberry V:, Platform: (VerizonWireless)
8330 Blackberry V:, Platform: (VerizonWireless)

Blackberry Enterprise Server Version:

Another problem I noticed was with one of the 8330's, they are unable to view emails placed into subfolders in their Outlook inbox (not using .pst, just regular inbox), however, the 9550 user can see emails placed in their subfolder. On the 8330 they are able to chosoe the folder but it just says empty, even though on their Outlook there are emails there.

On one of the 8330's I tried deleting the desktop cmime and resending the service book, I have also uncheck cached exchange mode in their Outlook and restarted it. Not sure what else to try short of doing an "erase and disable handheld" and then re-activating it and letting it redownload all the email and data.

Any ideas?

TargetIT 01-25-2010 07:19 PM

Well for starters, on the Device or the BES, you can select which folders are sync'd. Under the device, go to messages, then options, then email settings and hit the menu button. Choose Folder Redirection and choose which folders you want sync'd.

trd2turbo 01-25-2010 08:37 PM

On the emails not deleting properly, check the device. Go to messages, then options, then email reconciliation. Make sure that the settings are selected for both mailbox and handheld. Usually after a BES activation they are set to handheld only. Also that "mailbox wins" is set on conflicts.

As for the email folders, I was under the impression that the folders started syncing from the point of activation by default. In other words I'll bet if they take an email that the recieve now and move it into a folder and then go to the folder on the blackberry and hit reconcile now, it will show up in there. But anything from before activation wouldn't unless told to do so. Could be wrong on this.

knottyrope 01-26-2010 10:01 AM

This will explain a lot about reconcile and hard deletes
KB04863 - Permanent deletion of email messages in Microsoft Outlook does not reconcile to the BlackBerry smartphone

link in above KB in case you missed it
KB04853 - How to enable hard deletes on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

I have also changed the messages state size to 1000 and it cured 99% of our issues.
The performance hit and RAM increase is almost nil on the BES box.

On Device also double check:

Make sure that Wireless Reconcile is set to On. Sometimes toggling that to off, saving it, then turning it back on.
Messages Options - Email reconciliation -
Delete on Mailbox and handheld,
wireless reconcile = Yes
On conflicts = Mailbox wins.

For Prepopulation:
KB11632 - How to increase the number of email messages sent to a BlackBerry smartphone during the enterprise activation process
Also you have to select those other folders before you activate or you only get new messages in the other folders.

If using the same PIN upon activation look at this KB

KB04713 - Enable message prepopulation for all users on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server

search those KBs here
BlackBerry Technical Solution Center

bcsnick 01-26-2010 02:49 PM

Thanks for the replies! I have gone in and manually selected all the folder for one of the users, that didn't help. You do make a good point about email that has been moved going forward from the activation date, I can try sending him a new email and have him move it and then check the device.

I can check email reconciliation, but I'm pretty sure it is set to both. I know for sure that mailbox wins is set. I would also like to note that all the users on the BES were working properly from the time they were activated up until lately. Not sure what would have changed, we did have a power outage a few months ago and the server was shut down hard when the UPS battery was eventually drained.

As for the deleting, the items are staying in recycle bin and not being deleted completely. Even when emails are just read, they aren't moved or anything. Manually chosing to reconcile now will always mark emails read or deleted that were read or deleted in Outlook on their PC.

I have tried toggling wireless reconcile off, waiting a few minutes and then turning it back on, no change toward the problem. The following settings are whats on the handhelds:
Delete on Mailbox and handheld,
wireless reconcile = Yes
On conflicts = Mailbox wins

Can you tell me how you performed this:
I have also changed the messages state size to 1000 and it cured 99% of our issues.

Maybe I could try that.

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