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ictdesk 01-29-2010 06:47 AM

IPP for BIBS (service book)
spelling mistake in title of thread, should be: IPPP for BIBS (service book)

Hi everybody,

I am new here on the forums and here is my first question/problem:

I need some help getting my BES setup in the right way.

1 server BES 5.0.1
40 users
- 20 users with sim card from provider 1
- 20 users with sim card from provider 2

Users from provider 1 have in Service Books IPPP for BIBS [IPPP]
Users from provider 2 do not have in Service Books IPPP for BIBS [IPPP]

I called provider number 2 and they told me that they couldn't push IPPP for BIBS [IPPP] for all 20 users(because they don't have a contractual agreement with RIM to do that) , and so they are not allowed by RIM to do that, but they could do it for one simcard just for testing. After they did that there is a Service Books IPPP for BIBS [IPPP].

So it seems that provider 1 has that option enabled, but provider 2 can not do that. Provider 2 adviced me that I can fix this by installing BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service on the BES, but I doubt this is correct and possible in our network configuration.

And that is my question, what do do? Or any other relevant advice.

Thanks ;)

Extra info:
We use Exchange and everything regarding to email/calendar synchronization is working fine, I just need that Service Books IPPP for BIBS [IPPP], because we use Salesforce Mobile and with the users who have a sim card from provider 1 all works fine, the application can communicate directly with salesforce. But the users with sim card from provider 2, the Salesforce Mobile application cannot connect to Salesforce directly, because they don't have Service Books IPPP for BIBS [IPPP], they have instead Desktop [IPPP] which results in communication through our server/corporate network and this is blocked on a firewall on the internal network and this I cannot change.

buluks 01-29-2010 11:40 PM

IPPP is service book for BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service (BIBS) transport. Provides BlackBerry Internet Browser Service routing information. i think this is service book standard when activated BlackBerry services.

you can check provider 2 in different device with no Enterprise Activation. is there IPPP service book ?

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