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marklbell 06-28-2010 12:58 PM

BES Site Resiliency during Powerdown
I consider myself a pretty educated BES admin, but I ran into an issue over the weekend during a power down that I can't explain and I'm looking for suggestions on what I missed.

Our Setup - 2 BES in active/active setup, shared SQL database, 2 Exchange boxes.

BES 4.1
Exchange 2007

BES 4.1 (different SRP)
Pointing to NY Database
Exchange 2007

The NY office was taken offline for a building power down, and BES Charlotte stopped working for 2 reasons - no database access, and the mailbox used for Exchange access was on the NY server, thus inaccessible.

Database access was resolved by restoring a database backup to Charlotte and pointing BES to that, but it wasn't able to get into Exchange. I created a new Exchange account, hosted in Charlotte, identical to the NY based account, with the correct AD permissions. Logged in as that account, set the services to use it, reconfigured/resolved MAPI profile, but the Server Config kept saying "The MAPI subsystem cannot be correctly initialized and used. Please make sure MAPI is installed and configured properly"

I've checked DLL versions, imported HKCU info from the original installing account. Does anyone have a clue why this wouldn't work?:cry:

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