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mharwell 07-22-2010 09:37 PM

Wireless Sync Between Lotus Notes and Blackberry 8520 not working?

This is my first post and I realize that this might not be the right area to post this question but my question did not seem to fit anywhere else.

I was recently issued a BB 8520 at my new company and we work in a Lotus Notes environment and I believe it is version 7.

This is not happening to anyone else that I know of in our company but when I read an e-mail in Lotus Notes from my desktop, wireless sync will not mark it read on my Blackberry. Also when I read an e-mail on my BB, it will not mark it read in Lotus Notes. However if I delete an e-mail in Lotus Notes, it will delete it from my BB via wireless sync. Finally, when my BB is attached to my desktop via USB, and I do a manual sync from Blackberry Desktop Manager, it will sync the "read" status of my e-mails between Lotus Notes and my BB.

So I guess my question is why are most sync functions working via wireless sync between my e-mail in Lotus Notes and my BB, but not the "read" status of an e-mail? And I know that it works for other users in our company so it's really bothering as it is a whipping to have check e-mails that are still marked as unread (in both Lotus Notes and my BB) when I have already read them.

If this is not the proper forum for this question then could you please direct me to the appropriate forum. I might be on my own to figure this one out as our IT Admin at work that supports BES and Lotus Notes at first was trying to tell me that there wasn't a problem and that wireless sycn would not update the read status of e-mails between Lotus Notes and my BB. I knew that was wrong and marched him out to some other users to show him.

Thank you and I would really appreciate any help or information that I could provide to our IT Admin at work to help him solve my problem.

Thank you,


mharwell 07-23-2010 08:14 AM

So Was This The Wrong Forum To Post This Question??

I just wanted to circle back to ask if indeed this was the wrong forum to pose my question? It looks as though my question has had close to 150 views with no responses so I wanted to ask what would be a next step for me at this point in trying to get this figured out.

Thank you,


noname 07-24-2010 10:25 AM

It's normal for the slight delay as BES is no real-time system. Basically, there are two timers that determine when email messages are reconciled between the BlackBerry smartphone and IBM® Lotus Notes®. Both of these timers are optimized for maximum battery life on the BlackBerry smartphone. That's why read/unread marks synchronization is a low-priority task for BES Domino. The load of the BES server and network coniditions during peak hours also contribute to the delay.

RIM built an on-device function to trigger a manual reconcilation:-

Messages > Click on Menu > Reconcile Now

Imagine this: 1 single user performing a "Reconcile Now" is better than BES going through 500++ BES users. Got the idea?


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