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forino 08-03-2010 04:47 AM

Users load balancing
Hi, we have two BES server that we use in "load balancing" or better we have put on the first server the users in A-L range and on the second server the user in M-Z range.
We have think to do a better thing splitting the user using the sent/receive message statistics.
John Smith sent 1020 received 2010
Alan Parker sent 500 received 3820
(1020+2010) = 3030
(500+3820) = 4320
and so on...
and put half of the user in range 1000-3000 on the first server and half on the second server and so on...
What do youo think about this metod ?
It can help to load balancing the server charge ?
Have you other idea or have you used other method ?
BES for exchange 2003 sp2 on windows 2003 sp2

cyclmpc 08-03-2010 07:04 AM

I think that's a tough thing to do. That would require you to predict traffic for your users. I suppose you could track user activity and get a "general" idea of who your heavy users are to do this.

I have two BES and I split them up by geographical location. If this didn't work, you could group your users into smaller samples and break them out by cities to even your load out.

Either way, you are on BES 5 and if you can always use the monitoring service to breakdown your users to assist.

Server 2008
Exchange 2007
BES 5.0.1

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