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jayjayyau 01-13-2006 06:52 AM

Can You hide Meeting Notifications from View On BB device?
Using BES 4.0 for Notes Domino
7100/7290's with 4.0

When a user creates a meeting in Lotus Notes they receive notifications (acceptance/decline responses) in their Notes client inbox. They can then choose to delete/remove these notifications on the Notes client.

If they d'elete' them, then....the participation status of the invitee will be lost, so generally users won't choose to delete. If they 'remove' the notifications, they are removed from the Notes inbox and placed in a hidden view. However, on the BB device the notifications are not hidden...and remain in the main mesages view.

This causes a problem for users as they can have hundreds of meeting notifications in their messages view. (switching to inbox view is no can file away the notifications but this is very 'non-user friendly' and time consuming).

Anybody know IF/HOW the BB can hide these notifications without actually deleting them?

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