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Hatchy 01-17-2006 08:59 AM

Eval to Full BES 4.0 for Domino - Changing SRP
I've seen a few threads in this forum about this, but need a bit of clarification.

I need to move about 100 users from one BES to another without interupting service (the current hardware is very dated). The environment is BES 4.0 for Domino (SP3) on a Domino 6.5.4 server. We are using MSDE.

I have a 90 day trial, so I thought I would do the following:

1. Add the Trial BES to the NEW server
2. Share the configuration database between the Trial BES and the current production BES
4. Add the license keys from the production BES to the Trial BES
5. Move the users from the current production BES to the Trial BES (using the BlackBerry Manager, move function)
6. Move the configuration database from the production BES to the Trial BES (RIM KB article 03112 -
7. Down the current production BES, all users are now moved to the new BES
8. RENAME the SRP on the Trial BES to the old production Keys

A couple of concerns with the above:

Can the license keys from my production BES be added to an Eval BES? This will be necessary as the eval only has a valid 20 user license.

Would it be better to NOT install the eval BES code, but use it's temporary (90 day) SRP and Authentication keys with the "full" version? Is there any difference between an "eval" version and the "full" version (other than the keys expiring)

The SRP and Authentication keys can be renamed using the BlackBerry manager (they are editable fields), BUT does this interupt service to the users? I've seen conflicting reports of this - This thread states it's fine( but RIM states you have to completly uninstall and reinstall (KB article 04246 -

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping I can simply go through the above process without interuption to users. Certainly the move from one server to another is seamless, how about the SRP rename?


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