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PsPaPa 02-10-2011 09:34 AM

Unlisted versus Listed Appstore Apps
We have a 5.0.2. invironment running. Closed for downloads by leaving the third party apps option, in Sec pol., open and close it with a Software config wich says Unlisted apps are disallowed. We need the Sec. Pol. open because we push apps from the server.

But because your not allways having a Cod file we would like to allowe user to download certain apps from the store. you can do this with the App Store policy, this is new to 5.0.2. But listed apps in this list are not been seen as listed by the Sofware config. unlisted option. So your still not able to install and when you did, because someone nice lifted the Blocking, the apps get delete when the software config is applied again.

Does anyone have this working ?

Why block it ? If you don't they will get the app, you did not list, from somewhere else. Because the App Store Pollicy works for the Apps Store only

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