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studerje 02-17-2011 07:16 PM

Upgrade from 5.0.1.x to 5.0.2 - No BAS console
Last night I upgraded our BES to 5.0.2 MR3 from 5.0.1.x
The Server is up and processing messages/syncing properly.
However, I can't access the BAS console. It doesn't even come up for me to login. all blackberry services are running. I tried restarting the BAS services and they start normally, but still no console.
when i performed the upgrade I removed the BES monitoring services and installed them on a remote box.
They installed normally, but I can't access the webpage for the monitoring services either.
Any Suggestions?

Here's more details about our environment.


Number of Mail Servers: 2 cluster mailbox servers, and 2 NLB hub/cas servers.
OS of server BES is installed on: 2008 x64 (not R2)
Number of users on BES: 100
Database Type SQL 2005 express.
Database Local or remote: local
Exchange version (All): 2007
BES MAPI version (optional): latest as of yesterday BES CDO version (optional): latest as of yesterday

Issue: Internet error message "Cannot display page" *** this is it. web page won't display.

cyclmpc 02-18-2011 10:42 AM

Re: Upgrade from 5.0.1.x to 5.0.2 - No BAS console
Have you confirmed that you entered the correct pool name? Or that the monitoring serice is pointed to the correct DB? Have you confirmed that all of the Monitoring services have started on that new server?

timmyBES 02-19-2011 11:59 PM

Re: Upgrade from 5.0.1.x to 5.0.2 - No BAS console
Make sure the BAS-AS service and the BAS-NCC services are running. Look in task manager and make sure that the BAS-AS service is climbing to at least 300,000 kb.

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