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casilvis 02-23-2011 12:27 PM

Daily BES services auto restart
We are on BES with GroupWise and each day around 21:30 the services on the BES restart automatically, as if on a timer or as if some threshold had been exceeded.

The reason this is a problem is that every once in a while the services don't start up correctly and users get no e-mail until we reboot the server the next day. This is especially disconcerting when it happens on a weekend.

I've looked all over for some sort of setting that controls this behavior and found nothing. One result of a google search said "BES will restart most services around midnight anyway" but I could find no other supporting documentation. I've checked the admin guide and the server config settings, the registry keys suggested by the admin guide for the BlackBerry Controller, poked around the server options but I'm stumped.

Is there some way I can control when this happens?

If I schedule my own stop/start with a bat file will that stop this auto restart? I found lots of hits on my web search for setting up a bat file to do a stop/start and created one and tested it so that is one approach I could take, but only if I can be sure it will stop the nightly one.

jsconyers 02-23-2011 01:02 PM

Re: Daily BES services auto restart
BES services shouldn't stop or restart automatically. Did you setup the server or was it handed to you by someone else?

The bat file would work. You could create a bat file for just starting the services and then schedule it to run everyday at 21:32 or some time after the services stop. If they're already running then it wouldn't do anything, if they're stopped, it would start them up.

However, the bigger issue is finding out why the services are stopping to begin with. have you checked the scheduler to see if there is already a bat file created and scheduled to stop or restart the services?

freakinvibe 02-24-2011 03:05 AM

Re: Daily BES services auto restart
As jsconyers already stated, the services shouldn't restart. My experience is that BB services normally run for months without restart.

So you should first try to find out, what is restarting this services. If it happens due to some errror, you should see this in the event log and in the BES logs. Can you check those logs at just the time before the restart and post them here?

casilvis 02-25-2011 09:53 AM

Re: Daily BES services auto restart
I inherited this system from a guy that has gone on to greener pastures.
I just happened to mention this situation to the network admin and he told me he had been logging in from home and doing this remotely!
Sorry to have wasted your time but at least I got the bat file built and I can tell him to stop doing that as we can do this with a scheduled event.
We are also going to upgrade our GroupWise system to version 8 and then upgrade the BES to 5.0.2 so we may not have to do this at all.

jsconyers 02-25-2011 09:58 AM

Re: Daily BES services auto restart
Glad you found the source of the issue. Is there a reason that he was doing it?

Also, RIM does not support GW 8.0.2 hp1 so do not go to that version. Novell recently released HP2 and it is supported on BES 4.1.7 mr1 and BES 5.0.1.

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