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DanielJay 02-23-2011 05:52 PM

3rd party apps issue
My boss's IT policy did not have any policies set for either allowing/disabling 3rd party apps on his phone so he was able to install apps. We are attempting to push out an app launcher to several of our users phones who we specifically deny access to install 3rd party application downloads. I created a software configuration that has a disposition of Disallowed and added the application to the applications tab. In testing we added my boss to this software config to test the launcher which in turn lost all of his apps. (whoops). We have since removed this software config package from his user account and specifically stated that he can install 3rd party apps yet none of his apps are available and he cannot install the AppWorld app as it says that it is already installed.

Any suggestions on being able to re-install the AppWorld so he can re-install apps again?

freakinvibe 02-24-2011 02:55 AM

Re: 3rd party apps issue
You have to reinstall this via DM or AppLoader. It is part of the OS, so you should download the device OS from your carrier and then make sure you have AppWorld ticked.

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