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csawatsky 04-28-2011 09:45 PM

any real world experience with google apps BES plugin?
I'm looking for a good wireless sync protocol for an org that's not big enough for their own exchange server. hosted exchange is out of the question, users hated having to put in a password every time outlook starts.

One major condition is that the users have 8000+ contacts and when we tried using the google sync app the bb's would hourglass for WAY longer than is acceptable. I'm pretty sure this also created a ton of duplicates which I have just finished cleaning up.

Can anyone comment on whether google apps BES plugin is worth looking at?

I'm currently evaluating the BIS sync to google calendar/contacts

oh yes, mail is on google apps, in case you didn't gather that.

freakinvibe 04-29-2011 01:54 AM

Re: any real world experience with google apps BES plugin?
Are you saying each user has 8000+ contacts? We have such users on BES/Exchange and even with that solution, the BB device is getting slow. So you will probably not get a good solution.

Users should not confuse BB contacts with a CRM solution. We have solved this problem by having different contact folders and the users are only syncing the one with the contacts they really need on the road. Most of them have 500-1000 important contacts and that is working well.

All the other contacts (that are probably used for mass-mailings etc.) should not be synced to the Blackberries.

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