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andygiro 05-17-2011 07:55 AM

BES : Administration Svc starts, browser = page not found

We've had BES 5.0 running for a couple of months now with no issues on SBS2008. Around half a dozen handsets are setup, which had been added by a cable connection at the server console via the Administration Service webpage in IE.

I come to add a new user/device this morning and the BES-AS, whose services (BES-ACC & BES-NCC) are running, is not reachable via the browser.

I've re-input the BESAdmin p/w on all services to ensure they are granted logon as a service rights and restarted them all - no dice still.

I've checked the path to the Java VM in the registry and it all looks good - I just cannot access the BES-AS in a browser.

Currently configured devices are synching mail just fine. However, I have a pressing need to add a couple of other user's devices and I'm currently unable to do so.

Any help available? I have no idea what the problem is at the moment.

freakinvibe 05-18-2011 07:59 AM

Re: BES : Administration Svc starts, browser = page not found
Could be some Microsoft Hotfixes that break BAS:

KB23927-BlackBerry Administration Service continually stops and restarts, after an operating system hotfix is applied

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