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nobody7290 07-03-2011 01:44 PM

MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?
Frustrated by the unflexibility of the OS6 Mobile Safari where you cant select a browser identity, I tried to overcome this by using the MDS browser and send the traffic through the Proxy in the network where the BES resides, which can rewrite the Browser ID string to something which does not identify itself as a mobile device.
Then, I thought I can again use the Web my way, and not the strange way some sites are enforcing (including the

I created a policy based on the default policy, set the MDS browser to show as a different Icon, set MDS Browser domains to ".".
Added a Proxy Mapping in the MDS-CS which sends everthing which is not in the BES local network through the proxy, and setup the proxy to replace the browsers ID string.

But, the MDS Browser still sends everything out through the Blackberry BIS servers, regardless if I use the Internet Browser or the MDS browser as a starting point.
I read the KB Articles RIM wrote about the new way OS6 decides what the best data path is, but I did not think that when you use the MDS browser traffic will be sent preferred through BIS.

The only way to make use of the MDS browser features, is to set the "Disable other browser services" which disables all other browsers completely. Which is not what I need, because, sometimes, the IBS browser does make sense.

Or, I set the "Wifi internet Access path to" use MDS. Then, if I am somewhere where I have Wifi, and, disable the Mobile network, the Traffic also goes through the MDS. But this setting does disable the use of the WiFi browser service which would be nice to have for streaming music or Video in a local network, or, the internet.

I do not understand, why there is such a thing in OS6 like an extra Icon for the MDS browser, when I can only use it if I disable all other Browsers. If it will not work anyway as long as the Internet browser is allowed, one Icon will be enough.

Is there anything I forgot or what I can make better to achieve this Goal, or I am doomed to go back to OS5, which might have a less modern Internet-appearance, but has all those features ready built in into the OS ?

freakinvibe 07-04-2011 05:55 AM

Re: MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?
Have you read the following KB article?

KB23699-Simplified browser selection in BlackBerry 6

I don't think you can do what you want. You can't choose your browser transport anymore.

nobody7290 07-04-2011 06:20 AM

Re: MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?
Thanks. Yes, I read the article.
I do not agree however, that this something which simplifies everthing, and I do not agree, that this "leverages the optimal transport available at any given time, to ensure optimal performance and minimal impact to the cellular network".

This reduces the fuctionality to IBS only, with the exeption of the network where the BES is hosted, or only WiFi or only MDS.

instead of creating something with less features and calling it good and innovative, A much more userfriendly way would have been:
implement a user selectable but policy overridable browser transport priority list.
keep the BB5 OS browsers feature to tie browser transport, java settings and Browser ID string to a bookmark.
If a selected transport is not availible, kindly ask the user if it is ok to switch to a different availible transport in the priority of the priority list, or if the user has given previously his ok to automatically switch, then just switch
Add a status line which displays the currently selected transport on top of the window.
Add a manual switch to the browser.

The more I think about what RIM actually did here, the more this is going to be a rant.

Not only, that this is a step back towards less advanced systems like iphone & googlephone.
It adds headache for the Administrators, because the configuration is not easy
It makes the Device less secure because the default behaviour is to access the internet itself.
And finally if you want configure the Browser transport in a way that it is secure, the user is unable to choose a different transport if needed.

Add the Mobile Safari which will always zoom to page view after every new link you click on a device like the 9700 which is not able to display something useful here.
Of course, even a hard core advocate of blackberry like me will start to think about getting an iphone. Because the redering of web-pages is the same, but, it goes faster.

nobody7290 07-04-2011 09:46 AM

Re: MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?
Meanwhile I am back from OS6 to OS5 on the 9700.

So far, the "downgrade" gave me:
On the plus side:
30% more lines I can view in the messagelist
30% more lines in the calendar - and, a calendar which is easier to use
A web browser which will display any page on the first attempt readable, without having to flip through the page and zoom more then reading
A snappier UI in general
80Mb free instead of 30
A blackberry maps which is able to store locations in subfolders
A blackberry maps which has a smooth and fast scrolling map
A blackberry maps which can follow my track
A blackberry maps where I can easily locate myself by a big red dot

On the minus Side:
Website rendering is a litte incorrect, but, since i want to read the content, and, dont want to decide wether or not a site looks good on the 3" screen, this is rather a plus then a minus
No geotagging using cell tower location for the camera

The larger part of this list will not change, regardless which BB is used, even, a 9900 wont behave much different.

After the one year trial of OS6 i found that I rather did an upgrade today to blackberry OS8, then a downgrade to an older version.

freakinvibe 07-04-2011 10:27 AM

Re: MDS browser useless unless you force "Disable other browser services" ?
You = 100% correct.

You can add the following to the negative side of OS6:

Browser: No possiblity to have settings per bookmark
Browser: No "Column View" anymore. You always have to zoom.
Desktop: The "All", "Favourites", "Media", "Downloads" views are crap, you just get into the wrong view accidentially when you do side scrolling. The title of an icon is always "overwritten" by the view title.

The memory consumption is solved if you go for a 9780 or 9900.

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