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a_user 03-08-2012 09:28 AM

Issue Upgrading to SP3 MR6
Hi All,

Having a strange issue. We are running BES5 with SP3 MR4 ( in an HA configuration. I am trying to upgrade to MR6 but experiencing a problem where once MR6 is installed on the standby node, I restart the server as requested. Wait about ten minutes after it comes back up to let all services start and finish loading, allowing connections to establish, etc. Then I perform a manual failover. All services start and I do see some activity from a CPU and Network perspective (task manager) on the secondary node, but my clients never seem to connect. I have left this for up-to twenty minutes waiting for BES to establish a connection with Exchange (i presume) and waiting for clients to connect. I keep trying to perform GAL look ups during this period but names never resolve and messages do not send or receive. If I fail-back to the standby node, service resumes within the typical 1 - 2 minutes.

I also tried this with MR5 as well just in case but experienced the same results. I did not experience this problem going from MR3 to MR4 a few months ago.

Not sure where I should be looking or what the cause might be.

Any ideas?

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