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rbodri 04-17-2012 08:50 AM

Meeting request send as normal email

We have calendar problems:
When sending a meeting request, the mail doesn’t arrive as meeting request on Blackberry but only as normal mail.
Unable to accept or decline a meeting.
This is for external and internal mail addresses the case.

This is a general problem:
xxx61656; 9800 devices and 9700 devices same problem

xxx61656; HA BES Full 5.0.3 MR 4
xxx61656; Exchange 2010

I analyzed the MAGT log and found out the follwoing:

[30587] (04/10 14:45:59.848):{0x3740} {xxx} EwsOperations::ProcessRequest - COM Exception: Code = 8004010f, WCode = 0000, Code meaning = Unknown error 0x8004010F, Source = <none>
[30588] (04/10 14:45:59.848):{0x3740} {xxx} EwsOperations::ProcessRequest - Description = <none>
[40751] (04/10 14:45:59.848):{0x3740} {xxx} UserControl::GetInvitationInfo - Cannot locate meeting associated with request. Sending text request
[30085] (04/10 14:45:59.848):{0x3740} {xxx} New mail has arrived, EntryId=220497404

[30000] (04/10 00:00:01.816):{0x32B4} [ENV] MAPI32.DLL: C:\Windows\system32\MAPI32.dll, Version: 1.0.2536.0
[30000] (04/10 00:00:01.816):{0x32B4} [ENV] CDO.DLL: C:\Program Files (x86)\ExchangeMapi\cdo.dll, Version: 6.5.8244.0

Thank you in advance for your help.


freakinvibe 04-18-2012 05:32 AM

Re: Meeting request send as normal email
When we had this issue it turned out that the user had wireless calendar sync switched to off. Please check this on the device in the calendar options.

If that is not the case, there are also switches in Exchange that can be tweaked:

KB20866-Meeting invitations received from external domains show as regular email messages on the BlackBerry smartphone

rbodri 04-18-2012 07:22 AM

Re: Meeting request send as normal email
Thank you a lot for your help.

I've read this article and we will improve the changes.

thank you

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