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jgudnas 05-18-2012 02:48 PM

Bes install to SQL2012
setting up a new server in a virtual environment today, to SQL 2012 as the back end (and yes, i know it's not on the compatibility chart yet)

ran into one issue with sql during the install, thought i would share the work-around if anyone else is trying to do the same;

the BES install script uses the sp_dboption stored procedure, which has been depreciated in sql 2012.

so to fix, you have to modify the .sql scripts and replace this command with the appropriate alter database command.
there are 4 instances of this call in the .sql files (i just used grep and replaced them all.. my install files extracted to bes5.0.3Install directory, yours might be different)

C:\bes5.0.3Install\bundle0033\Database\BMS\DBInsta llScripts\SQLServer\1.0\createdb.sql
124 EXEC sp_dboption '_DATABASENAME_', 'recursive triggers', 'FALSE'

C:\bes5.0.3Install\bundle0033\Database\DBInstallSc ripts\SQLServer\createdb.sql
121 EXEC sp_dboption N'_DATABASENAME_', 'recursive triggers', 'FALSE'

C:\bes5.0.3Install\bundle0033\Database\DBInstallSc ripts\SQLServer\createdbDev.sql
41 EXEC sp_dboption '_DATABASENAME_', 'recursive triggers', 'FALSE'

C:\bes5.0.3Install\bundle0033\Database\DBInstallSc ripts\SQLServer\4.1.2\UpgradeV20080410.sql
426 EXEC sp_dboption N'_DATABASENAME_', 'recursive triggers', 'FALSE'

replace each of the above lines with:

save, run through the installer as normal, and use your BES with sql 2012 backend.


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