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GurneeBES 05-24-2012 02:14 PM

Remote password reset not working as expected
I am running BES 5.0.3, using a 9650 with v6.0.0.254 as a test device.

When I click on "Specify new device password and lock device" and enter a new password for the device it does not show up on the new device. Even when the device locks (after 30 minutes), I can still use the original password to unlock the device. The only way the new password becomes active is once I plug the device into a laptop and open the Device Software.

My ultimate goal would be to remotely reset a password if a user forgets what they've set theirs as.

Boo-meringue 05-28-2012 07:13 AM

Re: Remote password reset not working as expected
I do find the remote password reset process to be a bit flaky, but as long as the handset software is 4.5+ it should work. Have you tried sending the password reset through again? I do find that sometimes I need to do it multiple times.

Is the handset working ok aside from this?

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