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hatevessel 05-29-2012 07:57 AM

Software configuration query
Hi all, long term lurker first time poster. Hope you can help, this is probably a simple query based on my misunderstanding of BES jargon

BES: 5.0.3

I have a requirement to remove all bundled applications (such as twitter, facebook) from the UK Vodafone 9300's running os6 that our company are unfortunately buying.

I have achieved this by creating a software configuration to disallow all unlisted apps, and applying this to a group that we make users a member of pre-activation.

(disposition for unlisted apps: disallowed, app control policy for unlisted applications: standard unlisted disallowed)

However, we also have an app that we require a small proportion of our users to have (salesforce). I have created a software configuration to make this a required app and assigned this to a group. This group has existed and been working fine for years (the requirement to block bundled apps has only arisen recently).

The instructions I read on the RIM knowledge base to roll out this salesforce app, mentioned to make sure the 'disposition for unlisted applications' is set to optional.

So my question is, will these two groups conflict? One is disallowing all unlisted applications, and the other is setting it to optional. If there is a conflict, which configuration will "win"?

I want a situation where all the bundled garbage apps are removed, but I can still rollout salesforce to some users using group membership. These groups seem to conflict (using my possibly faulty logic).

Do you know the best way to achieve what I need?

One additional related question:

How do 'required apps' and 'optional apps' differ in the way that they operate? When trying to get my head around this today, I noticed that my old configuration for deploying salesforce was set to 'optional', yet it automatically rolled it out anyway...?

Boo-meringue 05-29-2012 08:24 AM

Re: Software configuration query
The two groups should not conflict. Your first software configuration will ensure that your unwanted bloatware is removed, but the second software configuration will install correctly despite being an "Optional" app.

Required applications can't be removed by the user, and are more awkward to remove via IT policies. In terms of actually rolling out to devices, Required and Optional work exactly the same way. My advice would be to use Optional unless it's something that users aren't allowed to remove.

hatevessel 05-29-2012 08:31 AM

Re: Software configuration query
Many thanks for your response. It makes sense.

I didn't have the opportunity to test this out straightaway due to a lack of devices, so I wanted to ask the question before I wrecked a few dozen salesforce users day

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