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DwightS 06-20-2012 06:13 AM

Cannot edit Global tab properties in BB Manager

I am unable to edit the properties in the global tab of the blackberry manager and wondering if anyone can help, I get the following error everytime I try to click "Edit Properties" in the global tab:

Application error - please report to support personnel if problem persists.

And in event viewer I get the following error:

Event ID 10000
Description: PropertyTreeBuilder40::create40ClusterGroup(): ASCL error encountered:

Source: MNGR
Event ID:10000
Description: Caught ASCLException with error code [201] and error message [201 - '255-255-addressbook_merge_tool_allowed_exec ' Property type does not match type on server]

I have read a post somewhere about changing the authentication type in BB manager from windows to database authentication or vice versa but that did not solve my problem.

I urgently need to edit our IT policy on the server and obviously cant get there with getting into the global propreties page.

Could anyone suggest something urgently please?


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