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nobody7290 08-02-2012 04:55 AM

not BES related but ...: DHCP server question
Since I guess that in this forum are enough people who are familiar with Microsoft Server software, I try to ask my question here:

How can I make sure (without using a layer 2/3 switch), that the Windows DHCP server service does not terminate itself when some i***t connects a device or computer to the network where also a DHCP server is running, terminates itself ?

The Windows DHCP server is of course authorized for the network, But have not found a way to force it running.

I have searched google & Microsoft, but found nothing.

I understand, that it is the admins responsibility is to make sure, that only 1 DHCP server is present in the network. But in a SOHO or SBS environment, it is not easy to stop the users from connecting a notebook to the network where internetsharing on the LAN port is enabled.

if only the DHCP server would not stop itself.

any ideas ?


knottyrope 08-02-2012 08:39 AM

Re: not BES related but ...: DHCP server question
yes this is a fun issue.

First make a policy that no one is allowed to modify the network in any way.
Second use AD policy to stop allowing people to enable int sharing or even make a DHCP server on their laptop.

Make a visitor policy that has to use special ports when connecting to internet or make them use wifi which helps out a lot with this issue.

Use a DHCP server scanner on the network to alert you when one is activated.

We had a 4 hour outage at the office because someone thought their home router with a switch would work as a switch only so they could test a network device. I had to look at every network port in the office to find it as email was down and no way to alert users to look.

Best to go with VLANs going forward. not a member to any AD group? go to visitor VLAN.

nobody7290 08-02-2012 12:29 PM

Re: not BES related but ...: DHCP server question
So I am not alone, and not a complete dumbass.

In this case this was someone with a macbook who had internetsharing running. A private PC.
Looks like I really have to get a Layer-2 switch to solve this problem. The only other option is to make windows 2008 send an email if the service stops. Then at least the problem is noticed.

I wonder what microsoft thought about when they implemented the dhcp services. The way this works has not changed from maybe windows 2000.
From the technical aspect always a little catastrophe will happen when someone connects a second DHCP server, but, only for those PCs, which are connected to the network afterwards, or, those who need to renew the lease, and, only while the server is connected. Any other will continue to function.

But, the Microsoft behaviour to completely give up silently in favour of a foreign device/server makes things worse. Because of this, problems will arise hours later (even, when the rouge dchp server has left the network).
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