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taurusnyy 09-19-2012 01:43 PM

question on setting up collaboration server
I would like to know the steps necessary to configure a collaboration server for Lync.

Currently we have 2 BES servers connecting to a single SQL DBs (i.e. test sql), and they are using the sametime client (locally). My plan is the following to setup the Coll. server pointing to our LYNC server and then connecting our existing servers to this set-up through the BAS. I have spoken to 5 ppl at RIm and 3 said this is the way to do it and 2 have said that I will need to re-run the installation set-up and during set-up point it to the coll. server for lync. Can anyone confirm or deny these steps? Obviously, I would prefer the BAS method since this will minimize downtime.

Additional question, I was thinking of setting up a test BES server and have it connect to our production SQl DB (Test Sql), would it be possible to set this up and have it point to our coll. server, I was unclear as to whether it is the BES server that does not alolow multiple IM clients, or is that determined by the SQL db?

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