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dude -d 09-26-2012 06:21 AM

Deploying 3rd-party apps - getting reporting/feedback
Hi, I've been looking at deploying 3rd party apps to some devices from the BES 5.0.2. E.g. Opera Mini browser.

So far so good, found an informative KB article: KB03748-How to deploy third-party applications wirelessly from BlackBerry Enterprise Server to BlackBerry smartphones

And deployed the apps successfully eventually. However, one drawback I find, versus something like SMS/SCCM is that I can't seem to get any informative feedback on how the deployment is going, what stage it is at, why it may have failed etc.

According the article:
"To view the status of a job, complete the following steps:

From the BlackBerry Administration Service, on the left pane, on the Devices menu, expand Deployment jobs.
Click Manage deployment jobs.
Click Search.
In the search results area, in the Status column, view the status of the job.
To view more information about a job or to change a job, click the ID of the job."

But the information here (in my opinion) is extremely limited and not very clear or informative. e.g. "JOB ID 512355 success".

Anyone able to shed any more light on this? Thanks!

freakinvibe 09-26-2012 09:19 AM

Re: Deploying 3rd-party apps - getting reporting/feedback
I normally go to

"Manage deployment job tasks"

Under "Task type" I select "Application". Then click "Search".

If you click "More" on the relevant task, you see the task status, it can be

Ready to deliver
Optimized out
Pending result
Ready to retry
Retriable failure
Dependency failure
Manual failure

If you need to know if the application has been successfully delivered, you can also go to the user, click on the PIN number and select the Applications tab. The application should be listed there.

You can also look at the Modules tab to see if all the modules belonging to that app have been installed.

PalantirComputers 10-16-2012 08:14 AM

Re: Deploying 3rd-party apps - getting reporting/feedback
There is an App Management tool called SystAG AppWorld that tracks app deployment granularly - step by step - from intitiation to the device, it can even report back the device logs.


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