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MasterofKarate 11-19-2012 10:51 AM

Enterprise Activation fails only on standby servers
Hi everyone,

We are having an issue in our BES environment where we cannot activate users when running on any of our standby servers. The ETP message is delivered, picked up from the Inbox, and is never modified by the user(s). All other functions seem to be working OK while on the standby and activations for all devices are successful when running on the primary.

Activation takes about 5 minutes to fail on the device with the error "The BlackBerry Enterprise Server has not responded to your activation request. An error may have occurred" with the options to view more details, continue activation, or cancel activation.

BES 5.0.3 MR8
Domino version 8.5.3

From our MAGT logs:

[40000] (11/19 09:20:21.854):{0x1BA8} {User Name Removed} *** OTAKEYGEN *** Failed to get password for the ACTIVATION request : ERR_GENERAL

[40000] (11/19 09:20:21.854):{0x1BA8} {User Name Removed} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending ABORT_TRANSACTION, reason = NO_PASSWORD, description = "", transID = 53154148

[40393] (11/19 09:20:21.869):{0x1BA8} {User Name Removed} Message deleted from the mail file by sender request on server [Domino Mail Server Name Removed], NID=19906

[20262] (11/19 09:20:22.088):{0x1BE4} {User Name Removed} Unable to save PIM state data

[40000] (11/19 09:20:22.088):{0x1BA8} {User Name Removed} Email Settings: fetching modified documents

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

dev 11-25-2012 07:18 AM

Re: Enterprise Activation fails only on standby servers
Check on the BES server for any SMTP routing error messages.
I would assume your domino mail servers & the BES server are all in the same NotesNamedNetwork so nrpc mail routing should be fine, however the etp message is in smtp format so it may be looking for an smtp route.
Check if the BES server is not entered (ip address entry) in the SMTP inbound control settings on the standby server under "Exclude these hosts from anti-relay checks"

MasterofKarate 12-28-2012 11:16 AM

Re: Enterprise Activation fails only on standby servers
Sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I do appreciate your input. I was able to confirm those permissions but then determined the issue to be related to an entry for SQL auth credentials in the Registry of the primary servers. Even though our configuration showed that we were setup for Windows Auth to SQL, credentials were being passed for a non-windows account because a former team member had modified the registry when he originally installed our BES environment years ago.

Once I imported the data (including the credentials) from HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Research in Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Database into the standby servers our activations started to work again.


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