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juanjillo 12-14-2012 03:15 AM

BES Express 5.0.4 and language folders

First, thanks for this community. Is awsome.

I recently start to migrate my domain. The old installation has a BES 4.7 thats works fine.
In the new domain i installed a BES Express 5.0.4. On my exchange installation i have mailboxes with 5 languages. English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French.

When i remove one user of the old BES and add it to the new BES Express, i have some problems. Because my Express fresh install only check contacts, task, and calendar on this folders, and with this names exactly. But in spanish the folder are: "Calendario", "Contactos", "Bandeja de entrada".

One user with a spanish mailbox, can receive and send email, but doesn´t have syncronized the other sytem mailboxes, because there are in other langauge.

Mapi is installed, and i have a mapisvc.inf on my system.

Any help will we appreciated.


nobody7290 12-14-2012 04:56 AM

Re: BES Express 5.0.4 and language folders
If you create a new testuser,
then login to OWA (before using outlook) with a browser which language is set to spanish,
on the OWA login also choose the correct language (spanish),
send/receive one mail.
Your folders now should have the correct language variant.
Now, add this user to the BES.

Does the BES handle the folder names correct or not ?
If not, I guess there is a problem/bug with the BES, if yes, it should be a problem with your exchange.

juanjillo 12-14-2012 07:07 AM

Re: BES Express 5.0.4 and language folders
The activation process that i do (bad :D) duplicates the system folders.

The right one:
I delte the user from old BES.
Create in the new BES.
Wipe and reactivate the devices.

Al works fine.

To repair the duplicate folders, move the items for the "spanish" folder to the "english" folder, delete the "spanish" folders.
Close outlook and start it with: outlook /restfoldernames


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