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nobody7290 01-26-2013 05:48 AM

BES 10 tryout without Blackberry10 Hardware - use playbook ?
Now, that all details of the BES10 Server are public, and also the Enterprise Server license Tradeup details are clear, it looks like the easiest way to test the BES10 Server software is to use it together with a Playbook.

The playbook OS is supported from 2.0 and up, and, it can be used as a second device for a user who already has a blackberry. It may have no wireless connectivity besides WiFi, but for a test, this will be acceptable. The playbook also has the blackberry balance feature built in.

The playbook is not that different from Blackberry10, and if rumors are true, it will get even blackberry 10 in February. I guess it will take more then a month until a Blackberry 10 Device will appear in Germany. There is no Blackberry 10 simulator availible(?)

So, I download the free BES10 Server, upgrade some of my CALs to BES10, install the Software on a spare machine or VM.
Then, activate a Playbook on the BES 10 server as a second device to my Blackberry, and I have something real to play with ? Cost: $0, and maybe a few hours for installation. Maybe the old CALs can even be left on the BES5 ?

Is this correct or did I forget something important ?

knottyrope 01-28-2013 09:09 AM

Re: BES 10 tryout without Blackberry10 Hardware - use playbook ?
That should work but you cant test all the BB10 fetures unless Playbook gets an update.

Playbook getting BB10 next month is just a rumor but I hope it does get it.

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