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nbuk 02-05-2013 06:45 AM

Bes 5.0.2 - Name lookup issue against custom extended directory

We run BES 5.0.2 on a Domino 8.5.2 Server.
We have a custom address book which is used as an extended directory within Domino and is available to blackberry devices for name lookups.
The name lookups return email addresses and some phone numbers but not all.
For entries with phone numbers, they return the full name but displayed on the device as an email address but none of the numbers associated with it.

We are luck enough to have a test environment for me to experiment in, so this is what I have already tried:
- Replacing design of custom nab with pubnames
- Add hidden views from pubnames into custom nab
- Amend form and field values to bring them as close to pubnames as possible
- Changed the BES synch mappings - adding custom fields where I can

Does anybody know how Name Lookups work?
Does the BES query particular fields / views / forms?

I could spend weeks trying different things to get this to work but don't have the time to..

Any assistance would be appreciated.. :smile:

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