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JavaJunkee 02-13-2013 12:46 PM

BB10 Device - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010 Message Flow
I need a sanity check on the message flow for BB10 - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010.

We have procured three BB 10 devices and I have successfully activated them through our Blackberry Device Service (BDS 6.2). I am not using the Blackberry Router. Each BB device now has Personal and Work Space, the latter of which Iím able to manage completely. Messaging on the devices is functioning normal.

Having reviewed the documentation and viewed logs on the BDS server, it appears messaging does not flow through the BDS server, but rather takes the path of BB handheld to Exchange 2010 messaging server via Active Sync (as all other Active Sync devices do). This is actually what I expected, however my Mgr thinks BDS still handles messaging as our production BES 5.0.3 does.

I found the below in the BDS 6.2 Feature and Technical Overview doc, that makes no mention of message flow through BDS:
  1. The device issues an HTTPS request to the messaging server and requests that the messaging server notifies the device if any items change in the folders that are configured to synchronize.
  2. The device stands by. You can adjust the synchronization time, depending on your messaging server.
  3. The messaging server checks for any new or changed items and notifies the device when items change or new items come into the user's mailbox. The notification contains the name of the folder that has the new or changed item.
    a. Changed items include marking an email as read, moving an email into a sub folder, updating organizer data
    b. New items include receiving a new email or creating a new organizer data entry
  4. The device issues a synchronization request for the folder.
  5. The messaging server synchronizes the changed files with the device.
  6. When the synchronization is complete, the device issues another request to restart the process.
  7. If there are no new or changed items during this interval, the messaging server sends a "HTTP 200 OK" message to the device.
  8. The device issues a new PING request.

Are my findings correct? If not, is there any documentation clarifying this?

Also in regard to Level 1 notifications, I've been unable to figure how to set this on the device and have been unable to locate documentation on whether this feature exists on BB 10?

Thank you in advance for any information provided

JavaJunkee 02-14-2013 12:44 PM

Re: BB10 Device - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010 Message Flow
Just wanted to add that I know some of you frequent the official forum as well.

I've posted this there as well, so please excuse the duplication. :wink:

knottyrope 02-18-2013 09:20 AM

Re: BB10 Device - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010 Message Flow
ya mean this one?
BB10 Device - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010 Mess... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

JavaJunkee 02-18-2013 05:20 PM

Re: BB10 Device - BES10 (BDS 6.2) - Exchange 2010 Message Flow
Yeah, that would it. :razz:

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