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smoothadmin 03-07-2013 09:24 PM

BES10 on SBS 2011
So I set out to install the beast on SBS2011 today, and was surprised that I got as far as I did which was successfully installing BDS without any issues, some people I have seen using SBS2011 complained that they needed to disable IPv6 which is a BIG no no for SBS 2008 and 2011 servers.

The issue now lies in getting Management Studio installed. When the installer starts its on the Java 6 Update 37 and I get a dialog window from Windows Installer with the commands that are accepted by it, when I click OK on the dialog window the installation fails.

When I look at the logs it says it tried to create a .txt file for the Java installation but failed not in the creation but in the reading of the file saying "not found".

So switched to my home server which doesn't have AV installed, I removed my old BES5 without any issues, etc. BDS installs without any issues. But when I go to install MGT Studio I got the same freaking error. LOL - I suspect since my server is up-to-date in its patches that one of patches that Windows 2008 R2 servers don't get might be causing the problem, who knows. But its funny because those who disabled IPv6 to get BDS installed didn't have any issues with MGT Studio. :)

Has anyone heard anything or seen anything re: BES10 and SBS2008/2011?

BDS pretty much does everything I need to do, once I figured out how to setup things in it but it would be nice to get MGT Studio working.

As for the ports there is a KB from BBRY on how to install BES10 (BDS, MGT Studio, and UDS) onto a single server, so for me I just followed the simple steps which is the change the BDS HTTPS port to 444.

It's going to be interesting to see how BBRY gets UDS in this case to work on SBS as it requires 443 which is already in use in most SBS servers. :)

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