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nobody7290 03-12-2013 02:19 PM

tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
Does someone know, if it is possible to extract stored contents of the BES backup into a readable form ?

On the weekend I had a small personal desaster:
For whatever reason the bb tried to activate itself (even if it was activated), and calendar sync was off.
I thougt, i do real anctivation and, everything will be ok, but, activation seems to be stuck, maybe because syncing the "bbm contacts" failed.

Backup of the handheld itself using usb failed with an unkown error.

I might have transferred the 2 lost days of the calendar manually, but thought, there must be an easier way, so i did a backup of the besmgmt and then deleted 3 matching records out of the syncBackupRestore table. New activation, this time it only took endless, but, no error about the bbm contacts.

Finally I had sucess after deleting about 2000 entries of application permissions in the mobile backup, and also erased the bb.

So it looks, it is safe to just delete some rows of the mobile backup, because it has a simple data structure (one row per item with timestamp).

My question:
I am still looking for a way to export the blackberry maps placemarks I save since several years, now, about >200. If i ever move to the bb10 platform, I want to take them with me (as a kml file).
Every placemark is one row, with the data in a field "binarydata", but unreadable.
Is there a way to convert this into human readable text, or, is it encrypted ?
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nobody7290 03-13-2013 07:01 AM

Re: tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
However I dont have a problem with KML, I have the problem that I cannot export the Blackberry Maps (not google maps) placemarks data to any format.

knottyrope 03-13-2013 02:32 PM

Re: tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
BES mobile backup is encrypted, you could restore database from before time, activate by wire on a BES not connected to anything and then turn off wireless backup. then do a backup in Desktop manager to save em.

nobody7290 03-13-2013 03:18 PM

Re: tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
I already tried to make a complete backup of the phone with an older desktop software V4, and opened the ipd file with magic berry. It is unenccrypted, and the Blackberry Maps entries are there, however MagicBerry cannot display or export them. If I open the file with a hex editor, I can see fragments.

Regarding my original problem with the Blackberry, it happend again today. No PIM sync, and, an enterprise activation process which started itself (?), but does nothing. I can change wireless sync to on, but, it wont sync anything but emails.
Other users on the Server are running fine.

I tried to delete and undelete the Desktop(Sync) servicebook, this triggers a synchronization, but again it will not sync addressbook, and, again will fail to sync BBM contacts.

I found, that on the server today the BlackberrySync Service unexpectedly quit today about 20 times.
There is a KB article on this, ( KB31894-The BlackBerry Synchronization Service restarts unexpectedly ), but it relates to BES 5.0 SP3. This could be an out of memory situation when someone has a large number of Saved email messages.

No fix is availible, no resolution time frame availible, so I guess it is stil present in BES 5.0.4 - anyone knows if this is true ?

I dont have a large number of saved email messages, but, a large number of phone-history entries.
The KB article recommends to erase the complete Wireless backup. But if I would do this, I would loose all my precious Blackberry maps placemarks. Impossible for me.

nobody7290 03-13-2013 07:21 PM

Re: tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
Since I was not able to backup the Handheld with the Desktop software, to make sure I have a backup of the 9700, I made an activation with another (empty) 9700, which worked fine.
Then I disabled the wireless backup, and activated the original BB, which also was ok. After this, I turned on wireless backup again.

The KB-article says, if you turn off and on the wireless backup, the entries in the sql database will be purged. However, If I look into the SQL table, they are still present. I am curious what happens in the next days.

nobody7290 03-15-2013 05:22 AM

Re: tinkering with mobile backup saved in sql database
The Article is KB31894
I did not wanted to clear the Wireless backup immediately because since I even was unable to backup my original blackberry with the Desktop software. However, I tried the KB suggestion after activating a second blackberry for this user.

The wireless backup entries in the SQL database were not purged after disabling and reenabling the wireless backup, the problem persists. I was able to activate a security wiped blackberry, but soon afterwards a new sync would start itself on the handheld, which never completes.

Since I now had a local backup of my data I deleted the user and created a new user. No problem with this user. After some time testing, I restored the local copies of the backup using the Desktop manager. As soon as I did this, the problem reappeared.

Deleted user, created new user, This time I only restored Browser favorites and BBM settings/Contacts. Runs stable since one day (during sync after restoring the backup, BBM messenger synchronisation still fails, but activation does finish. I guess the BBM6 which I currently have installed is not compatible with the wireless backup).

I will now restore one database day after day, until i find out which one is the culprit.

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